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sábado, 28 de julio de 2012

How do I see Ireland?

How do I see Ireland?

Hello! My name is Verónica and I've been asked to write about my stay in Ireland. Surely, as almost everyone knows, I've been coming to Ireland since I was 8 years. Now, I'm about reaching 18 and I can proudly say that I am in love with this island.

It is not only because of the difference of the landscape of both islands, where I live and Ireland, It is because I truly think that this place have changed my life. I still can remember the first day that I put a feet here. I was absolutely delighted of the different shapes of green that you could find everywhere you looked at. Another thing that I still can remember of this place was the smell of the freshly cut grass and also those rainy days, which are so common in Ireland. That's why I can't imagine anyone thinking of Ireland as a dry place.

What else can I say about Ireland? I just don't know... It is hard to explain why I actually love this country. Maybe it is because I'm used to travel to it. Maybe it's because I cannot imagine a summer without traveling here... Maybe, maybe... There may be lots of reasons, perhaps too many... So I will summarize it in a short sentence: "I sincerely believe that it is impossible for someone to come to Ireland without falling in love with this country. Not only the green, also the culture, the myths, the language ... it is, definitively another way of living. Maybe not a better one, just different, undeniably magical. Yes, I think that is what Ireland mean to me: Magic.”

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  1. Simplemente.. Te odio (pero con amor:3) Es absolutamente genial y estoy deseando viajar a Irlanda ;_;