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martes, 29 de octubre de 2013

Endless love

The heart was beating brash, happy and honest.
As a rebellious smile escaped my lips after receiving this simple and perfect "I love you too" But.. Do you? Do You want me as much as I do? Do you conceive this pure feeling? I am yours, my lord. So much that to me is categorically impossible to accommodate a life without You. Because... "What value can have life if you're not with me?" Your smile  left me ecstatic and your  following words prevented mine out. "Yes, my lord. How many times do I have to  accept your proposal?"

The heart was brash, happy and sincere, yours joined to mine. And those hearts beat heady, happy and true to its last beat.

But, in spite of this, of that deep and pure love that they confessed to each other. The beating of their hearts began to unsynchronized. Perhaps one beat faster while the other one had trouble to keep beating and feeling the same. She looked at him with a broken smile drawn in her face, he was trying to avoid her eyes coz he knew that they will keep him close to that woman even knowing the damage that they would end up doing to each other.

He couldn't support it anymore, he rose from the chair and with a last glance to that room where everything started he left the woman of his life. She kept staring at the door till that feeling in her inside that was telling her that he'll walk in the room again ceased.

And from that day both of them have started a new life, far away from each other. Far away from those feelings. Far away from happiness. But she still stares at the stars every night, hoping that he does the same. That he still thinks about her sometime.

And that's the story of an Endless love that sadly had to end. My story, your story and the story of every couple in the world.

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